Psychological Services in Tampa, FL

Appointment Process

Your neuropsychological evaluation or capacity evaluation will typically have 3 parts:

–Interview (1-2 hours)

–Testing (2-6 hours)

–Discussion of Results and Recommendations (30-90 minutes)

The interview and testing may be scheduled on the same day, if desired. The follow-up appointment occurs 1-2 weeks later, once all of the results have been reviewed and a report is completed. In most cases, you will receive a copy of your report. With your signed permission, your report can also be released to other individuals of your choosing.


Your first psychotherapy appointment will be about 90 minutes long, and sessions after that will be 45-50 minutes in length.  It usually works best to set up a regular schedule, such as meeting at the same day and time weekly or every other week.  However, this is not necessary and can be worked out as therapy continues.


Prior to your appointment, please print and complete the following form ahead of time, and bring it with you:

New Patient Questionnaire